Materials are important in all sectors and agriculture is no exception. The use of advanced sensors for geophysical analysis, soil and rock analysis, climate and local weather assessment and factors that impact the efficiency of farming, and increasingly also, on biodiversity, are relevant here.

Piezo Applications for Agriculture, Food & Water

Controlling or monitoring the flow of liquids, solids and gases is a vital part of growing, processing and treating the essentials of life effectively. Not counting the use of the myriad of piezoelectric materials found in the vehicles and manufacturing equipment used in these industries, piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors for monitoring flow rates and filling of reservoirs and containers ensure that contents are stored and mixed in the correct manner. A significant advantage of such piezoelectric sensors is that they do not need to make physical contact with the systems that they are measuring. This is particularly useful, such as with food, where product contamination needs to be avoided or, with wastewater, outward contamination is undesirable.