A Targeted Approach

Our business is modelled on the supply of scientific consultancy services to industry and academia. Expertise ranging from scientific strategy development for small business to bespoke solutions to your scientific and technical problems. Experience of over 30 years in the field of materials science and physics of the solid state lends itself to delivery of competent solutions to your scientific needs.

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Materials physics, measurement, design and prototyping

Collaborative Development

Ideas patented, protected for ourselves or our clients


Computational analysis, big data, experimental and theoretical physics analysis


New tools developed for our clients. Electrosciences develops unique measurement tools.

Latest Publications

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Our clients

Electrosciences is proud to work closely with the private sector, public sector and a variety of UK and other European government research departments on a variety of exciting and ground breaking projects.

Advanced Materials Sciences

We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to providing specialised scientific and technical consultancy to industry and academia in the technical discipline of multifunctional materials research and development.

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