New book published by Director of Electrosciences Ltd.

First in a series of metrology books focused on functional materials

Springer Series in Measurement Science and Technology: Volume 2 2014

ISBN: 978-1-4020-9310-4 (Print) 978-1-4020-9311-1 (Online)

Editor: Markys G. Cain

This will be the first in a series and I hope that you find it interesting and of use in your research.

Table of contents:

  • Electrical Measurement of Ferroelectric Properties
  • Piezoelectric Resonance
  • Direct Piezoelectric Measurement: The Berlincourt Method
  • Characterisation of Pyroelectric Materials
  • Interferometry for Piezoelectric Materials and Thin Films
  • Temperature Dependence of Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Properties of PZT Ceramics
  • Measurement and Modelling of Self-Heating in Piezoelectric Materials and Devices
  • Piezoresponse Force Micropscopy
  • Indentation Stiffness Analysis of Ferroelectric Thin Films
  • Losses in Piezoelectrics via Complex Resonance Analysis
  • Dielectric Breakdown in Dielectrics and Ferroelectric Ceramics
  • Standards for Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Ceramics

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