Piezoelectric Films D31/D32 Analyser

Measuring the performance of next generation materials

Introducing our new ESPY31 Piezoelectric Meter for polymer sheet

A new alliance in polymer testing, this sample holder enables fast, accurate measurement of piezoelectric d32 and d31 parameters of polymer piezoelectric films, including polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) and variants.

In collaboration with aixAACT Systems GmbH, we are delighted to share that Electrosciences launched our first commercial product – the ESPY31 at the International Symposium on Advanced Ferroelectrics, ISAF, in Tours, France on the 27th-30th June 2022.

It includes an integrated load cell, displacement transducer and charge amplifier, and uses lock-in amplification to create a very sensitive measurement device that can also access other electromechanical properties.

From sonar and hydrophones to medical imaging, touch sensing screens and beyond, as the commercial application of piezoelectric polymers rapidly grows, so the need for the accurate evaluation of material properties is key to reducing prototype development time and costs.

Our new Piezoelectric Meter incorporates integrated transducers and amplifiers, utilizing novel methods to create a very sensitive measurement device that provides a fast and accurate determination of the piezoelectric properties of electroded PVDF film.

The device will support materials innovation by delivering new, cost effective, highly accurate QA measurement probes that can be integrated in line with large scale production processes, or offline for R&D purposes.

Fast, accurate determination of electroded PVDF film using automated preloading and built-in charge amplification and load measurement

Who will benefit from this technology?

From global manufacturers of piezoelectric films and global innovators in thin/flexible wearables, energy harvesting, smart actuation, touch sensing screens, hydrophone and medical ultrasound to the R&D community, a rapid and accurate evaluation piezoelectric polymers functional properties is required.

This tool helps companies bring to market new products that integrate functional polymer films into touch screen and energy harvesting applications, via the provision of new quality assurance tools which themselves maybe integrated into larger scale production lines, shortening the time taken between materials science & prototype development.

The benefits

  • Enhanced Quality Control

  • Drastic reduction in time to bring to market touch screen innovations

  • Significant and immediate cost saving for typical materials selection run

  • Supporting UK’s materials innovation and development strategy

  • Technology to support development of future touch sensitive displays

  • Reduction in manufacturing time and energy consumption

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