Linear Power Amplifier for Piezoelectric Capacitative Loads

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Introducing our new high power research grade amplifier for driving high capacitative load piezoelectric materials

Until now, it has been difficult to find an amplifier that will reliably drive high voltages and currents to high frequencies in high capacitative load materials – like piezos.

Developed as part of a European Metrology Research project, our new high power ‘booster’ amplifier provides that capability.

With currents up to 1.2A, to voltages of 100Vpp into capacitative loads of 1-10nF, and at frequencies to an impressive1MHz, research departments and prototype systems developers can access high power applications for sensors, transducers and actuators.

Our Booster Amplifier can supply the voltages and currents needed to electrically switch the polarisation state of modern ferroelectric materials.

PE Loops data

Who will benefit from this technology?

Driven through an analogue input (-10-+10V) and amplified (boosted) at a gain of x 10 to drive your sample, material and system, this amplifier is ideal for developers of new high performance actuators or ultrasonic transducers looking to extract as much value as possible from their material or market innovators wanting to push the limits of new materials in ferroelectric switching research.

As consultants we can work with you to develop an OEM booster amp specifically for your own application needs.

To find out more about this Booster amp and our growing suite of bespoke measurement tools, probes and devices please do get in touch.

The benefits

  • Unlocks the full potential of piezoelectric materials

  • Powerful, accurate and safe to use

  • Provides a traceable measurement of a materials coefficient

  • Features two channels (can be configured as differential or independent supplies) to power your materials or electromechanical capacitive devices

  • Ideal tool for research stations and prototype laboratories

  • Access to Electrosciences measurement expertise to deliver full suite of electromechanical testing capabilities for your business

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