Accurately measure the efficiency of new nanowire energy harvesting devices

ZnO NWs top view

A Joint Research Project within the European Metrology Research Programme EMPIR

The new tool developed during the European Nanowires energy harvesting research project will revolutionize quality control for nanomaterials in renewable energy generation. This innovative instrument allows for the accurate measurement of tiny charges provided by nanoscale energy harvesting devices, particularly piezoelectric materials that generate electrical charges when flexed or vibrated.

ESPY33 V4 Tool

ESPY33 tool from Electrosciences for measuring piezoelectric coefficients of polymers, ceramics, thin films and single crystals, including the nanowire energy harvesting devices.

Partners in the project dedicated time to fabricate individual nanowires, creating ‘forests of nanowires’ to evaluate the electrical response of sub-100 nm diameter wires. Our specific contribution involved measuring device output rather than individual nanowire responses. We introduced a unique method for this purpose and successfully developed a prototype instrument, with elements of the tool now patent-protected.

Energy harvesting nanowires

Energy harvesting nanowires

Excitingly, our efforts have resulted in a successful patent pending status for the tool, ensuring its protection and potential for future innovations in the field.

For more information on this groundbreaking development, visit our Euramet page.

Images copywrite EURAMET project Nanowires. Techical University of Braunschweig

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