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  • Stress induced transition in ferroelectric single crystal

    Higher efficiency sonar supported by new measurements

    A new paper, co-authored by Electrosciences, points to new ways to control high powered sonar projectors using some of the newest single crystal piezoelectric materials that are becoming commercially available. Experimental measurements taken by Electrosciences [...]

  • Fe-dped BTO ferroelectric response with applied magnetic field

    Is Fe doped BTO multiferroic?

    New work just publsihed in APL-Materials shows that iron doped ferroelectric barium titanate exhibits multiferroic behaviour. New techniques developed under the European Metrology project 'ADVENT' by Electrosciences Ltd and the XMaS beamline at the ESRF [...]

  • Tiny piezoelectronic device accelerates CMOS chips

    Electrosciences is partner on EU project PETMEM The electronics industry needs a new CMOS transistor technology, and the EU-funded PETMEM project undertook efforts to develop it. The resulting alternative, called a piezoelectronic transduction (PET) transistor, [...]